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Quality Farm Inputs

Quality Farm Inputs (How Our Products Can Help)

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Producing top-quality harvests of fruit, vegetables, and rice is the ultimate be-all end-all of our local farmers. It will take hard work, time to grow, and the right tools for quality yields. What you put in will help produce higher quality crops such as the local main staple rice grains we eat almost every day.


Farmers can follow both tried and tested plantation methods and modern agricultural innovations to help achieve the best produce. Aside from all the labor and knowledge, are quality products as well, such as plant fertilizers, defense against weeds and pests, and essential nutrients to boost crop growth and quality.


Today, there are numerous product options and they are all easily available online. We are here to discuss some of these products that help maximize the resulting harvest. Farmers will produce their best crops when they use all these elements.


Farmers need the topmost quality growing products in the local market. Superior growing products reap superior harvests every time.

Plant-Growing Defense

Farmers need both proper management and the use of growth boosters to produce the best possible harvests. Crops need the best fertilizer for plants for producing fatter and fuller grains of higher quality. But fertilizers only work if farmers take care of their growing conditions. Plant pests will be out to destroy helpless plants. 


Rice plants achieve optimal growth when they are cared for with the right processes and the right high-performing products. Aside from growing healthy, plants must endure a safe growing period in the rice fields free from other non-crop vegetation such as weeds, and also common pests such as insects.


Plant pest killers allow fertilizers to work at their maximum level. Plants thrive without competition for energy. Weeds that leech off the rice plants’ fertilizer and soil nutrients. are quickly dissolved by this simple yet effective solution.


Weeds are other non-useful plants that suddenly grow in rice fields. They drain nutrients away from your crops, preventing maximized, optimal growth. Farmers must eliminate weeds at all costs to focus all the nutrients and energy from their soil and fertilizer products on their crops only.


Weeds come in three main, common types: grasses, sedges, and broadleaves. However, all of them do not serve any purpose on any farmer’s land and must be killed off no matter what type is present. Common local varieties of these plant pests include Walis-walis, Mutha, and Gabi-gabihan.


At present, the easiest products to use are herbicide compounds specifically for rice weeds. The popular brand Frontier 200 OD is one of the most effective herbicides that protect your rice crops. The formula can penetrate the leaves and roots of these known weeds to kill them off rapidly and keep them off the fields.


Using easy-to-use and specific products speeds up the growing process and keep plants healthy. These known rice weeds are an exact match to these herbicides, easily eliminating them from the ground up.

Why Invest in Fertilizers and Plant Defense Products?

With its growth environment secure, fertilizers can do their role in maximizing the growth quality, size, and strength of the final harvest of rice crops. Rice plants reach their full potential come harvest time in the form of bigger plants with the fullest grains, for example. Eliminating any pests keeps plants in optimal condition to grow rice and other crops.


Using both plant defense and the right kind of fertilizer creates an effective growth regimen for rice, vegetables, and fruits. It is the basic minimum for most types of plantations. All these products are safe for all types of food and plant crops.


Farmers can save money by sourcing these products directly from reliable suppliers online. This ensures fast delivery and the best possible prices.


Depending on the farmer’s budget, they can get bundles that consist of each product: fertilizer, plant pest killer, and insect pest killer. Farmers can also buy double the fertilizer to stock up on supplies. They can also opt to buy only what is needed. Online orders are faster and more convenient without having to do long drives for supply runs.

Bigger. Healthier, High-Quality Yields

The popular choice for great harvests among local farmers is iSmart Boom Flower-n fertilizer. This product maximizes plant size and growth, leading to an increased output of rice grains. The bigger parts allow heavier capacity that translates to bigger yields.


As shown on actual harvest photos of treated and untreated rice plants here, the quality output is substantial when iSmart Boom Flower fertilizers are used. First, the roots are bigger and more developed, allowing for increased absorption of nutrients from the soil. Without any other pest plants, the plant uses up all the soil substances exclusively. This is where the Frontier 20 OD comes in to maintain zero weeds presence.


Second, the rice panicle size is bigger. You get an increased harvest every growing cycle. Fertilizers maximize the full extent of the rice plants in their final flowering stages. Supergrowing rice plants increase the final amount by up to 30%. Using it in combination with Urea increases the yield even more. Less Urea is needed as well.

Why Quality Agricultural Products are Important

We recommend farmers invest in both important elements of rice plantations: plant weed defense and growth-boosting fertilizers. They work in tandem to produce consistent rice grain products, and also vegetables and fruits that in turn result in better prices and client demand.


Both products make it much easier to manage crop growth and defense in one, making it a complete basic crop care package.


Farmers can buy separately or in bundles too. Both supply options work well: Those who buy in bulk can order double doses of iSmart Boom Flower, while those who want to have other options can buy both vegetable growing and defense bundles along with the fertilizer, or a complete bundle for fertilizer, rice weed defense, and vegetable pest defense, all in one.


Ordering online is so much easier with everything you need in one eCommerce site. Simply click on the best product or product bundle option, and within a few more clicks, you have the best combo planting products arriving at your doorstep within a few days.

By Rallye Ibanez

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