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Eggplant Crop Care

Eggplant Crop Care

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The talong or eggplant is one of the most popular local vegetable staples. Almost everyone eats or needs them on a dish or menu regularly.

Despite the sometimes unusual and comical look due to its different types, shapes, and color variations, it remains an in-demand local cash crop with lucrative properties. It is easy to plant, grow, and maintain, and its demand level makes sure there would be enough profits involved.

While it is certainly more famous now, almost every Filipino has this beloved vegetable on their menus and diets, and is considered a culinary legend. Talong became an instant celebrity again through the international cuisine website TasteAtlas. They ranked tortang talong as the world’s top egg (and eggplant) dish.

Locally, it is a failsafe vegetable, a local staple, and always available everywhere. Thus the local crop demand makes it a no-fail crop choice for planters to include in their plantations. With proper connections and a good harvest cycle, you can supply and earn with this popular vegetable crop.

Growing Tips for Eggplant

Certain species of this popular vegetable, AKA, Ollanum Melongena L. are more productive than others. This means that with proper growing conditions they yield more and have better quality than regular native strain eggplants. Beginners and regulars alike rely on these hardy, high-performing strains for a better harvest and an easier growth cycle.


Popular local strains such as Black Jack F1, Black Ninja F1, Casino F1, Mistisa, Dumaguete Long Purple, Llamado, and Oblong Green were found to have the best qualities among the local pack: They yield more, are more resistant to most weather conditions, pests, and sicknesses, and are easier to grow compared to other local types. For those who prefer an easy-level grow and a straightforward process, these strains come recommended by farmers.


These strains were tested in Northern Luzon and are highly recommended by local farming communities. They remain a staple vegetable in local cuisine as well, proving to be an easy-to-sell crop in general.


Choosing the best talong strain options is the first important step for each cycle. The best eggplant seed options mentioned are easier to plant and grow. This helps speed up the plants’ cycles to lessen the stress of maintaining them. The next step is optimizing the growth and environmental conditions.

How to Maintain Good Growing Conditions

While the growing level of eggplant is easy to medium, some extra precautions are also set here. General care and balance are still a top priority. Aside from the given set conditions of the strain, soil, and locations, are its growing conditions.


While most growing conditions tend to be favorable in the local setting, some locations tend to also share space with pests, at least around the perimeter area. The plowing and planting of seedlings anew in newly plowed soil lands may raise the ecosystem activity. It may also invite bugs, as well as a chance for worms and earthworms. Except for the worms, all other creatures are mostly nonbeneficial pests not welcome to the planting phase.


Before fertilizing plants, make sure to secure soil quality, water, and sunlight. To secure your grow, and make sure the fertilizer can do its job, you can pair your growing phase with good management and maintenance.

All-around general maintenance

A combination of good fertilizer and nutrients will support general care and plant maintenance.

Eggplants also need good irrigation and accompanying drainage for optimal growing conditions.


For plant maintenance, a good and non-harmful insecticide must be in your supply stock to help your plants repel your crop predators. This also stops them from spreading or breeding around the area for regular maintenance.


You can invest in a basic formula of organic fertilizer for vegetables such as iSmart Boom Flower-n, and an insecticide, preferably with non-toxic or odorous solutions. In this case, Brofreya 20 SC is one of the top recommended brands.


A non-toxic option with fortified features and nutrients is a recommended general approach.
Brofreya has these general traits that make it user-friendly and safe for cash crops. It is a good place to start for all farmer levels. It is also a good combination strategy for medium to large-scale plantations, where it may be difficult to thoroughly check for any hiding or thriving pests.


Borers, moth larvae, and other fruit pests are easily felled off with this insecticide and help keep crops healthy. These high-rate-eating insects can destroy crops easily with no early signs, which adds extra challenges to farmers.


Using Brofreya is proven to improve the yield, quality, and size of crops, including eggplant. Local farming supply company Farmasee presents these results on its website as a way to educate farmers about the benefits of superior agricultural products you need in your farming arsenal.


Here are its features:

  • 10-day effectivity on your eggplant crops
  • High classification of MOA 30 for farmers
  • A seal of approval in the agriculture industry as a recommended product
  • It comes in convenient spray bottles
  • Odorless, so it can apply to urban farming and backyard farming, and house or apartment farming
  • The solution is applicable starting from seedling and young plant and onwards to its adult plant stages


It has high rain wash-out properties to help hold on to the plant after rains and showers. This maximizes its effects in case of unexpected rain.

What’s a good eggplant fertilizer to pair it with?

Buying online for farmers is also budget-friendly. Aside from transportation costs to and fro shops or sources of supplies, the farm only pays minimal delivery charges. The products are also cheaper with no markup costs added from shops or supply chain stores. The producers deal with the farmers direct, ensuring the base price from the factory.

In addition to this, farmers get direct customer service. When they need additional information or specific help regarding products they can always talk directly through the website. Farmers can also inquire or ask through the company’s social media channels where they are also available. Messenger services such as Facebook help them send messages with no need for SMS or phone calls as well.

This added feature of online shopping makes it easier on the farmers and helps their operations are on time and more reliable. Another advantage: local online suppliers appear easier when farmers search for the nearest online stores. They have what the farmers need and they both connect through local searches that are optimized for search keywords on their sites. This technique helps them better connect their online stores to the nearest farmer clients when they search online for their items. Online locations and stores are matched on Google and this helps orders and deliveries go faster.

Why online shopping gives the most convenience

When you’ve secured your growing conditions, you can focus on your preferred nutrients. While eggplants tend to grow and yield substantially in general, you can further maximize the yield and resultant quality with a little few tweaks. To optimize them, additional nutrients and fertilizer can help make the bigger and meatier eggplant food for the best results.

One of them is a farmer-approved product, iSmart Boom Flower-n fertilizer. It has general features that make it user-friendly, such as easier bigger plants, and healthier yields that last longer. The plants also grow healthier and stronger, which helps support bigger yields. Eggplants grow individually and not in clusters, so most of the improvements will be in the size and quality of the eggplant material.

Why not go for a bundle to grow your eggplant crops at their most optimal level? Why don’t you get a Farmasee special bundle that includes the iSmart Boom Flower-n fertilizer and Brofreya 20SC insecticide for a special retail price that’s competitive in the market today? These products have been tested and work well with other popular vegetables and fruits.

By Rallye Ibanez

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